Bronze Dedication Plaques

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Bronze Dedication Plaques

We offer the best bronze dedication plaques on the market. From building dedications plaques to civic memorials.  The K Bronze Plaque Company has the bronze plaques and bronze metal letters available for any project. We make buying a bronze dedication plaque, easy!

Bronze Dedication Plaques

Click the bronze plaque selector image above or visit our galley of bronze plaques to find a plaque concept that will work for your project.  Another good tool would be to view images of bronze plaques on google images and forward us a plaque concept.  We offer competitive rates and are always exited to try something new or work with a customer on a unique bronze dedication plaque.

Our customers come to us looking for Building Dedication Plaques, Plaques Honoring Employees, Government Municipalities Plaques and Civic Organizations Bronze Plaques, from Bridges to Highways to Parks, to Schools and Universities, Professional Sport Teams, our Fallen Soldiers or that special person that made a difference.

Rush Orders Available Call Customer Service.

Create Bronze Plaques

Create Your Own Beautiful Personalize Plaques:


Consider using unique background images, portraits, medallions and seal in your dedication plaques.  K Bronze is a one stop solution for all of your dedication and  building dedication needs. Our designers will take care of the details and provide you with design concepts.

Create Bronze Dedication Plaques

Our Design Team will work until you are pleased with the final result of the plaque.  We offer free design concepts.

Our Customer Service Team is ready to serve you and can be reached Monday through Friday.

Call us today at 217-304-1874.
We offer 7 and 14 business day rush service.  If you have a last minute dedication and need your plaque in hands before our normal production time, please let us know.

We provide you the UPS tracking information so you can follow the shipping status of your plaque.

Dedication Plaques

We offer bronze dedication plaques in any shape or size you require.

Building Dedication Plaques

We offer solutions for both exterior and interior plaques.  Consider using cast bronze plaques when your needs require a plaque to be exposed to the outside elements.  Keep in mind that the aluminum plaques we offer can be created to look like bronze. Here are a few bronze and aluminum plaque models to give you an idea of what our company can do for you.  If you have an idea for a plaque concept that you do not see on our site, share your thoughts with us.

After you have contacted us and requested a price quote we will begin by creating a design/concept art proof. Our art department creates renderings that closely resemble what can be expected in the final product.

Give us your plaque ideas and “We Take Care of the Rest”.  This exact replication can result in the finest bronze dedication plaque if the photograph that we receive is of high quality.

Our normal production time is 3-4 weeks.  However, we do offer “that last minute rush”!
(7-14 day rush service available at an additional charge).