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Country Club Dedication Plaques

Celebrate your country Club’s heritage with traditional bronze plaques. We offer lasting recognition solutions to honor members, donors and events.

Country Club Dedication Plaque

Bronze Plaque Customization

Include a logo or photo to customize your country club’s dedication plaque.

Include logos on your country club dedication plaque

Popular Country Club Dedication Plaques

Custom plaques ranging in price from $200 and up. Contact us today for bronze and aluminum plaque quotes. We do not charge extra for including images and logos.

Country Club Founding Members Plaque
Golf Course Dedication Plaque
Country Club Donor Recognition Plaque
Country Club Perpetuity Plaque

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Annual Golf Hole Sponsor Fundraiser

Raise additional annual revenue for your golf course or country club with our golf hole sponsor fundraiser. This annual golf fundraising idea allows you to earn revenue each year on each of the 18 holes.

How it Works:
Sell annual sponsorships to local area businesses. The local business could display their company name and logo on the golf course hole plaque signage.

Consider gifting the plaque to the donor each year and an annual gala. The sponsorship even could also be a great time to sell sponsorships for the next year.

Donor Levels

$1000 - $2500 - $5000

Golf Course Tee Sponsor Programs

A Bronze Plaque to Dedicated a course to a course designer.

Golf Course Bronze Plaques

Cast bronze bas relief plaques allow you to have much more relief than engraved bronze plaques. An artist creates a clay mold that is then cast into solid bronze. These plaques can be as thick as 1.5" depending on the requirement. The production time is six weeks.

It was a great honor to work with the United States District Court for the Southern District of Alabama. We created seven of these 34" diameter cast bronze bas relief plaques for a new courtroom.

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